The Solar Project

Today only one fourth of Haiti’s population has access to electricity. Even if access is available it is extremely unreliable. - “Ecole Communautaire Lumière de Jésus” (ECLUJE) Primary School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is no exception. 

With this project we would like to fund a solar panel system as well as a TV set. This setup would enable the school to extend the activity of the school to after darkness and again host evening classes for adults. The TV set would be used for didactical purposes during the day, but would also enable the school to continue their program of community events. ECLUJE always not only operated as a provider of education but also as a community center. Community groups can ask to use the building for workshops or events. ECLUJE has a tradition of hosting movie nights for children during summer break or brings the community together for soccer matches. 

Ties with the Rotary Club of Wall Street NY

The Rotary E-Club of Wall Street has a longstanding and active relationship with the local community members and Rotary Clubs of Haiti that transcends borders.

Our involvement with this beautiful country started with the Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp, and has since led to other initiatives like responding to Hurricane Matthew, supporting orphanages, and most recently partnering with a Haitian entrepreneur to protect vulnerable communities around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, nearly half of Haiti’s population is illiterate, and only 1 in 20 people will ever graduate high school. In 2010, Fresly Toussaint, a Port-au-Prince native, took action to change his community to provide a better future for the generations to come and he founded ECLUJE primary school (Ecole Communautaire Lumière de Jésus). In 2019 the Rotary E-Club of Wall Street helped to take the next step and financed the construction of a new school building.

ECLUJE primary school (Ecole Communautaire Lumière de Jésus), located in a working-class neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, is offering tuition free education to the most vulnerable of the community, teaching children from 1st to 6th grade. - Besides regular school operation, ECLUJE primary school offers evening classes for illiterate adults as well as frequently organizes community events like the drawing competition, creating the MyPostcard Collection (

Website of the Rotary Club:

The project is also supported by Sfaira Foundation .

30.000 USD

Raised by RCWS

12 Years

School Operational

365 days

School Building used each year

“A word from the Founder” of the school Fresly Toussaint