RCWS Global Dinner for a Cause

Join the Rotary Club of Wall Street and host a dinner for friends to raise funds for Education in Haiti


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(Em)power students in Haiti

(Em)power Education

Solar Panel Project 
ECLUJE primary school (Ecole Communautaire Lumière de Jésus), located in a working-class neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, is offering tuition free education to the most vulnerable of the community, teaching from 1st to 6th grade. - Today only one fourth of Haiti’s population has access to electricity ECLUJE is no exception. We want to provide Solar Energy to our Partner School

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We (RCWS) match your donation

Rotary International is an organization where People of Action join forces to take create lasting positive change in their communities. Rotary International consists of 32.000 clubs. The Rotary E-Club of Wall Street NY (RCWS) started its first project in Haiti in 2013 with an Entrepreneurship Training Camp -  helping young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. - In 2019, the Rotary E-Club Wall Street NY,  started the initiative to collect donations for the construction of a new building for the ECLUJE primary school - with the aim of supporting the great work of the school.

The Global Dinner for Education is RCWSs newest initiative to support ECLUJE primary school.

The Rotary Club of Wall Street NY will match each* 

donation. The more you give the more we match. 
*2500 USD matching funds available2500 USD matching funds available
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For donations requiring a receipt, please donate directly to RDG (Rotary Deutschland Gemeindienst e.V. / Deutsche Bank AG / IBAN: DE80 3007 0010 0394 1200 00 / BIC: DEUTDEDD / Subject: Club C21519 Project P2301/Haiti) and email details to school@wallstreetrotary.org

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Recipe: Haitian Grilled Fish

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Recipe: Haitian Rhum Sour


Recipe: myGreen509 Orange Chicken


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